Ensure Public Understand Financial Commitment Required to be Prepared

Obviously it’s going to come out that many countries in the world were ill prepared and a small number were well prepared. It is going to be the case that being well prepared for the next pandemic or possible pandemic will require investment. Some, or even much, of this investment will be of the “insurance” variety. Examples are: testing capacity, PPE in stock, supply chain preparedness, technology readiness. Much of this could ultimately never be used or be underused which might be viewed as a waste of money. The public must be on board for this investment because, otherwise, we’ll cut the cost in the future and be ill prepared again.

Why the contribution is important

If we don’t bring the public onside on the need for investment to be prepared then no government will feel confident in making that investment for fear of a public backlash that it’s a waste of money. Ideally investments can be multi-faceted meaning they can be utilised for other purposes but quickly reassigned should another possible pandemic occur.

by BenNevis on September 30, 2021 at 04:24PM

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