Impact of restrictions and decision-making on the food and drink sector

The food and drink sector was uniquely impacted during Covid 19 in a number of ways. In particular we would like the remit to consider: - Partnership for decision-making, especially around food and drink as part of critical national infrastructure. We would like to see a much better partnership between businesses and government such that these sorts of enormous challenges (this pandemic, subsequent ones etc) could be tackled with the benefit of a variety of perspectives and experiences, from inside and outside government - Difference in approach to the in different parts of the UK and so mixed messages especially for cross-border businesses - Consistency within Scotland of approaches devolved to local authorities and to local Health Boards. Lack of consistency in approach continues to plague businesses even now.

Why the contribution is important

A successful and robust food and drink industry has been critical in keeping the nation fed during lockdown, with hidden heroes across the whole supply chain making sure supermarket shelves were stocked, pivoting business models to direct-to-the-consumer and providing the food baskets required for those shielding at home. It is important that the industry's voice is heard during the enquiry.

by FDFScotland on September 28, 2021 at 10:34AM

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