Impact of the pandemic on elderly and people with disabilities

The changes in the "Norm" in society have had a negative impact on both elderly and disabled people. First there was the Lockdown isolating both these groups and affecting their mental health negatively, then there was the fear generated by the large number of deaths in both these groups, and this was followed by the chance of "long covid" being a distinct possibility for those already at a physical disadvantage. Then, once the lockdown was eased, the "Norms" of society had changed, a situation that many elderly and disabled find difficult to cope with. It is made even more awkward by the number who still wear masks and the numbers who now do not, causing confusion. Now that the pandemic seems to be starting to ease slightly, though there are still many falling ill and still people dying, there is still fear of the virus due to the vulnerability as a result of the conditions they have. Unfortunately, there is now the added fear of poverty due to the Westminster Governments purposeful decision to take the money for repayment of the debt accumulated through the pandemic from those least able to afford it, i.e. elderly and disabled people. Is the Scottish Government able to counter the harsh penalties being imposed on the least able in our society?

Why the contribution is important

A civilised society will look after its people including elderly and disabled. Most have been productive members of society prior to their condition, many disabled people included, and they did not ask to be put in the position of needing aid to continue to have a reasonable standard of living. Disability can happen to anybody at any time and being elderly happens to just about everybody. It is our responsibility to ensure they have a comfortable and as worry free life as we can give to demonstrate that we are truly civilised beings.

by BigT on September 25, 2021 at 12:16PM

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