Include Scots Who Died In England

My father was a proud Scot, forever a son of Kilwinning, but he had to move to England for work in the 1970s. He caught COVID in a Lancashire care home and died on 29 April 2020. His allegiance was always to Scotland and he was so proud when the Scottish Parliament was established. I consider that the Scottish Government still has a duty towards the diaspora and the inquiry should be able to listen to evidence and take a view on the circumstances relating to the death of Scottish citizens in England and elsewhere.

Why the contribution is important

It is important to honour the memories of everyone who died in the pandemic and we owe it to all of them to establish how and why they died, responsibility for any actions/inactions that led to deaths, recommendations for any consequent prosecutions and lessons learnt for the future. With regard to my idea, it is particularly important so we can ensure that account is taken of all Scots who died as we cannot necessarily rely on this being done under other jurisdictions.

by DonMcKee on September 30, 2021 at 03:32PM

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