Intervention and Support for those with Long Covid

There is discrimination at present in relation to where one lives as to what support they get for Long Covid. There has been no coordinated approach to services for people with Long Covid in Scotland. Midlothian has had no specific services for those who present to their GPs. My referral to a service at the Astley Ainsley was rejected due to living in Midlothian. Suggestions: A Specialist Service needs to be offered, which focuses on the person and their specific presentation, rather than pulling together various medical specialties (e.g. respiratory, cardiac, etc). These specialties are already available and presumably can be accessed. This Long Covid service could have occupational therapy at its core, helping people explain and understand their issues and identify strategies and ways of coping with the numerous symptoms. These symptoms may not "fit" into existing services e.g. cognitive issues, sleep disturbance, loss of confidence, fatigue, headaches, muscle pain, weakness etc.

Why the contribution is important

People with Long Covid feel lonely and isolated. Friends and family don't understand the numerous symptoms. Intervention and support is needed to facilitate people's navigation of this debilitating condition. The relentless onslaught of various symptoms and the unpredictability of improvement is very difficult to manage alone. I was able to self refer to the Lothian Work Support Service and an occupational therapist is supporting me through my sick leave and will help me plan my graded return to work as a University Lecturer. Her knowledge of Long Covid is reassuring and her expertise on pacing and grading of my return to carrying out my daily activities is helpful. She gives me the language to explain my condition to friends and family and also to my employer.

by Lrenton on September 27, 2021 at 11:55AM

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