Led by an international and independent expert eg New Zealand

The head of the inquiry should have experience of being a member, advisor or other influencer of a foreign Government during the pandemic. The foreign Government should be governing a country that is comparable to Scotland’s and similarities in culture, size of population, economy and other relevant characteristics. The head may have been an elected member of their Government, an advisor or other role that helped to influence their country’s response to the pandemic eg medical profession.

Why the contribution is important

The inquiry would benefit from comparing and analysing evidence by an expert with good knowledge of how other Governments responded. The inquiry is likely to consider domestic and foreign affairs covering economic and social topics that will help understand how the Government responded to the pandemic and help identify what lessons should be learnt as we continue to live with coronavirus and for helping future Governments respond to new health pandemics in the future. The head would be able to direct the inquiry into areas of most interest or potential areas of risk that would be relevant, whilst able to understand the complex environment that governments were operating in the lead up to and during the pandemic.

by PaulACA on September 23, 2021 at 11:11PM

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  • Posted by Smith123 September 24, 2021 at 13:23

    The head should not be a politician and certainly not from a country like New Zealand if any resemblance of impartiality is to be made. The panel must be a diverse group of genuinely qualified experts and the head should be a judge.
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