Long Covid -Treatment and ongoing health problems

Long Covid, and it's implications, both on a personal and wider level, needs pulling together under an umbrella organisation. Sufferers are left to access any support through their local surgery, and this is a totally hit and miss service, both in what the practice offers, and what support is available from a given doctor(assuming you can access one) and that some doctors are still reluctant to accept long covid exists. Thankfully, this has not been my experience but I am aware from support groups, this attitude is not uncommon. Long covid sufferers can have multiple symptoms, so how can a patient speak to a doctor about, say, ten different symptoms in one meeting. If further investigation is required, the doctor has to approach each dept/consultant individually, the patient then goes on separate waiting lists, and the consultants will not get an overview of the patients other issues, and how one may effect another. I'm aware money is an issue, but community support groups could be set up at a small cost, things like breathing techniques and meditation, slow start exercise regimes, and counselling for those who's lives have been altered(possibly forever) and the effect of free, peer group support, can have a huge impact

Why the contribution is important

Funds are limited but thousands of long covid sufferers need support. Many, including me, were left with no medical support in March/April 20,other than paracetamol and liquids, or phone an ambulance if you really cannot breathe(I did). It is important that they don't feel overlooked now, which many do. The buzz around vaccines, and drugs to help minimise the effects of covid in the early stages, are wonderful, but thousands are struggling

by BuggeredBones on September 24, 2021 at 06:14PM

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