Louisa Jordan (SEC)

Why did the Scottish Government waste £31m of the Scottish peoples taxes to treat covid patients? It seen no covid patients. It was opened for months to all of a sudden be used for covid vaccination centre. If the NHS have a staff shortage so badly its affecting daily procedures, why wasn't staff of vaccination centres not in the NHS and health and social care services? Again if the NHS were struggling with a winter pandemic why were staff again from vaccination centres not in help or why was the the purpose of spending our taxes not sufficient enough to move covid patients in there? How many staff were recruited for the Louisa Jordan centre? How much were they paid for doing nothing for months until you started the jabbing? How was it the Scottish Governments plan to get long covid set ups when we have an unprecedented waiting list that has never in history happened? Again how is it this Scottish Government has failed yet again, time after time over 14 years and we have the biggest inequality in health care? You fail every aspect and yet you don't make right or apologise to those on waiting lists or those families who have died on a waiting list. Hospitals are running majority of vaccinated people because they still get unwell or with covid, so why is this Scottish Government are introducing vaccine passports when it doesn't stop the spread or your risk of getting covid, you can get severely unwell or die because it isn't 100%, because no medicine is? So it doesn't help the NHS at all. So why have the Scottish Government went against Public Health, because the health secretary in England stated it is useless meanwhile you proceed. This government is incompetent and irresponsible!

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I believe that this is against a waste of our taxes were in fact we could have invested more staff into the health and social services. It would have broken the link of inequality in our health and social networks to actual make a change in society from all ages of this country! How do they plan to pay us back from a bad decision? It's not as if the Scottish Government took to furlough while the rest of the country did, so when are you paying your dues? I think NICOLA STURGEON owes those who have waited on a waiting list or still waiting or lost their lives waiting an apology because some of us don't get second chances. How much money of our taxes have been wasted on track and trace which can't even meet that capacity? How much money went on this vaccine passport system you plan to implement? Are you fixing a health crisis or making a bigger mess? You say it's a choice be sure to know in Scotland we have the person centred care act (2008). This means in regulation to intervention we the people have a choice in the care or treatment we receive. Bitter sweet when you want to go against the nuremberg code to impose an experiment on us.

by meganldwis95 on September 29, 2021 at 08:39PM

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