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There was plenty of guidance provided from the Scottish Government during Covid19, however, no emergency legislation. It appeared that many care homes and local authorities made the rules up as they went along, causing confusion to tenants, care givers, staff and residents, which, I believe, resulted in no or low support for many during that time. Community spirit has increased in so many areas in Scotland and there are so many examples of what people did to help others, they were the unsung heroes in all of this despite all the confusion of who says, what, when and why.

Why the contribution is important

Learn from all the mistakes that were made, implement legislation now for any future emergencies and remove the "Blame" culture from the Scottish Government by others who perhaps did not take responsibility for their own lack of support/help during that time and followed their own rules.

by AnnieA on September 29, 2021 at 05:13PM

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