Planning, Processes and Data.

Planning Approach The inquiry should consider the approaches that worked well and those that didn’t and use the learning from this to make improvements to emergency planning processes and practices. Data Standards and Sharing Protocols The inquiry should consider what data standards and data-sharing arrangements are needed as a part of necessary emergency planning. Process for Shielding Lists The Inquiry should consider how to improve consistency in determining vulnerable groups and the approaches to emergency responses for these groups. Care Home Policy and Planning The Inquiry should consider how to improve consistency in planning and practices for emergency management of care homes. Opening of Schools The inquiry should cover the planning process and occupancy arrangements for schools re-opening after the first lockdown. Volunteer Process The inquiry should review how the volunteer process operated during the pandemic, look at examples that worked well and consider how this learning can be used to develop clear approaches and guidance for dealing with emergencies in the future. Working from Home/Access to Public Buildings The inquiry should consider how new guidance is developed and shared across different levels of government, to ensure consistency and public confidence. Decision Making and Governance The inquiry should consider the length of time it took to make decisions and if we were slow to react to the pandemic. It would be helpful to consider any learning from the approaches that other countries developed and put in place quickly (e.g. test and protect processes might be better in other countries).

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