Putting Care back into Care Homes

My mother's Care Homes locked her family out for over 292 days, where is the Care in that? 292 days of quality life for a 95yr lady we didn't get back with her, she passed away2 weeks ago. I will never forgive Scotland, her beloved country for betraying her in her last year, locking her family out because my mum's CH didn't follow the guidelines, they imposed their own on us. Keeping us out, to keep her safe they said, but that hides the truth. Care Homes take the money, it is a business first and foremost, not a Care Setting, even when my mum passed away, my dad didn't even get a card of condolence from them, that alone speaks volumes.

Why the contribution is important

Care homes have been so inconsistent in approaching reading of lockdown measures and there are too many variations on how guidelines have been interpreted. Guidelines need to be changed to actual rules to follow, this would mean decisions are taken for the benefit of the residents and relatives and not to accommodate care home management and staff.

by kirstyEdinburgh27 on September 29, 2021 at 01:36PM

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