Removing restrictions in August

What was the primary motivation for removing the restrictions on August? Most public health experts were advising that it would lead to a dramatic increase in cases, especially in the unvaccinated and children which turned out to be exactly right. Why didn't Scotland keep some restrictions, for example bubbles in schools to limit the virus spread? Why was the government so keen to open nightclubs with no masks required for dancing? Why was the contact tracing rules changed so that children were cleared to go to school if there was a confirmed covid case in the family? Why was the impact of long covid, and the stress of managing this in vulnerable (shielding, CEV etc) households not taken into account?

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From hindsight, it very much feels like a large number of these protective measures to stop the virus spreading were just wholesale abandoned, Especially in light of evidence from other countries - e.g. the Netherlands saw a massive spike in cases when they opened nightclubs - and advice from public health experts that this would probably cause a large increase in the case numbers.

by MyOldUsername on September 26, 2021 at 10:51PM

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  • Posted by Wildmountainthyme September 29, 2021 at 22:53

    Government threw the baby out with the bath water by doing a U Turn from pursuing elimination to ‘living with the virus’ which for many has meant dying of the virus and for school age children and those yet to be vaccinated, getting really sick with the virus. We went from working as a collective to keep everybody safe to being willing to let cases rise rendering the situation unsafe for all and particularly for those clinically vulnerable of all ages. This policy change happened abruptly without any discusssion, little explanation or Scientific arguments to back the change of course. Would be good to examine this and what followed re cases and compare with the actions of European countries who did a better job of containing cases.
  • Posted by grahamcheckley September 30, 2021 at 21:58

    We really need to understand the reasoning behind the change in policy. On 16th June it was elimination, then 22nd June, live with the virus. Faced with the more infectious Delta Covid variant, the Scottish Government opened the door.
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