The use of do not resuscitate forms

The use of do not resuscitate forms during the pandemic appears to have been overzealous. I am aware from my own circle of friends and the media that older people were targeted in hospital and by telephone at home to sign up to DNR in the event they contracted covid and had serious complications. This caused great upset. Even patients whose relatives had a power of attorney do not always appear to have been consulted before a DNR was put in place.

Why the contribution is important

The lives of all Scots should be important yet older people as a group appear to have been systematically “written off”. The Scottish government stated in an answer to an FOI (202000046677 ) that this course of action was not “ordered” by them or by individual health boards and that there was no change in guidance yet it happened on what appears to be a fairly widespread basis. The enquiry should establish why this was done so proactively if it was not government or health board policy.

by Julie on September 29, 2021 at 04:11AM

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