Dol Mickety More wasted money policing this!

In response to your comment on the Fishing News facebook page, the initial 'policing' approach would be to utilise already scheduled and budgeted inshore RIB patrols to assess whether static geatr within 12nm met any new requirements established.

So, if we agreed that each creel fleet should be marked at either end with a buoy of a minimum size 'x', Marine Scotland Compliance (MSC) would use current inshore patrolling activity to assess the level of compliance.

Hopefully, if the new requirements (I stress, if any are established at all) are supported by the vast majority, then complaince will be very high and no further activity, and extra cost, would be required.

Some complain that unlicensed creel activity is a significant issue. The new requirements could help us evidence whether this is the case and better address the issue, albeit that action to address it - such as seizing deployed static gear which did not meet the new requirements - would cost MSC money.

Please feel free to give a call at any time. 

Simon Dryden 

07827 232483



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Tries to set draft proposal, which has been issued for discussion, in context and answer legitimate concerns.

by simondryden on May 10, 2016 at 01:02PM

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