Iain Dix Why does this have to be like rocket science for marine Scotland? A tin of paint and a paint brush is all that is required. Boats name, number, fleet number. Simple.


In response to your comment on the Fishing News facebook page, I recognise that painting the PLN etc on each buoy may be the final solution which is agreed.

The draft proposal suggests EID tags, as a minimum (in other words all could paint PLN etc if they wished), because we wondered whether this technology delivered the following benefits:

1. It stopped operators, such as those who are unlicensed, painting a false PLN etc on buoys.

2. It might avoid situations where the details were illegible, for a variety of reasons, including deterioration by the weather. 

3. We think EID tags would make complaince assessments at sea more efficient and effective. Rather than needing to read the PLN details etc and note them down, we believe that we could motor by buoys and register the gear electronically allowing us to cover more fleets on each patrol. However, we would test this assumption if the idea of tags was supported. 

4. Some fishermen have suggested that painting the PLN etc on buoys allows other operators to target specific gear. The EID tags might reduce the risk of this.  

Please feel free to give a call at any time. 

Simon Dryden 

07827 232483


Why the contribution is important

Tries to set draft proposal, which has been issued for discussion, in context and answer legitimate concerns.

by simondryden on May 10, 2016 at 01:25PM

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