Jerry Burne Take it this is the start of capping the amount of gear each boat can work ?


In response to your comment on the Fishing News facebook page, this initiative - discussions about potential requirements for static gear within 12nm - is in response to industry responses to the gear conflict consultation.

The draft proposal which Robert Smith has posted is simply a 'starter for ten' for discussion. I hoped that is was helpful to have some specific ideas to 'shoot down' or 'build on'.

For example, do we agree that there should be a buoy at each end of a fleet of creels? If so, we might be simply arguing about the appropriate minimum size of buoy. However, some or the majority may argue that fishermen should be able to use whatever they like to mark their fleets.

Of course my discussion paper also adds a potential requirement for a smaller sized float too. It may establish that this requirment is totally unnecessary and inappropriate. 

I hope the above indicates how we may be able to reach some sensible conclusions. However, I recognise that we may not reach any consensus - we may not be able to agree on anything!

Please feel free to give a call at any time. 

Simon Dryden 

07827 232483

Why the contribution is important

Tries to set draft proposal, for discussion, in context and answer legitimate concerns.

by simondryden on May 10, 2016 at 12:49PM

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