Be Honest, Realistic and Accountable to Public

In this day and age of austerity the Police cannot do everything they used to do so rather than pretending that they can they must stop doing those tasks which is not really a Police matter. They have always been the last line of defense when we had a fire strike and an ambulance stike they assisted and treid their best to fill in. That should stop. We need the police for the powers they are there to use not waste them on the countless office jobs that should be done by civilians and that includes all the community work and backroom functions. They should not have to use police officers to recruit or to gather statistics or advertise how to help in society, they should be responders. I have never believed that the police service have any control over crime rates thats a society issue which i will not go into here. We have to get the police to respond to what society wants now and i for one do not want community officers taken away from froint line duties to try and pretend they stop crime of make people safer.

I think that the cap on police officer numbers must be lifted and now its one force why do old areas have a disproportionate number of officers, we should have a review of officer numbers and make sure they are equitably spread across Scotland. Why are cops doing a civilian job and the wages that are paid to civilians will never attract the type of talent that the country needs.

In summary

Abolish the number of officers give the police money to spend as tbey should

Make sure they do what we want them to od not what they think they should

Get cops in all backroom functions out on the streets responding to calls

Get cops in community roles out of them and back to responding to calls

Stop officers covering for others simply because no one else will

Stop the police being a political tool and make them be honest, accountable and realistic to what we the puiblic want.

Why the contribution is important

My thoughst are importnat becuase the police do not have the finances to continue to do what they have always done and they should only do what they can with officers who have a power to do it. Civilians can do the rest

by scott2612 on December 23, 2015 at 08:02AM

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  • Posted by bwrichard February 19, 2016 at 22:43

    The crazy idea of merging all the regional forces into one was purely driven by accountants and not by common sense. Regions such as Grampian have very different needs to somewhere like Strathclyde, but we have ended up with a one size fits all solution.
    Break up the behemoth that is Police Scotland.
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