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Traffic Control near Schools

As the Parent Council of a Glasgow Primary School we are concerned about the standard of driving of a minority of road users near the school at drop-off and pick-up times. Some of these drivers are parents of children at the school driving and parking irresponsibly very near to the school entrances at the busiest times of the day. Others have no link to the school but use the roads close by during rush hour and have been witnessed driving at excessive speeds during these times.

We have no authority over any of these drivers and no mechanism to stem this behaviour. We have reported the issue previously to Police who have been reluctant to act.

This problem is common to many schools in Scotland. It is so prevalent that schools have been swapping ideas on how to combat this issue on online forums.

We believe the best way to combat this issue is for traffic police to be present at the areas of concern at these busy times and to take action against irresponsible drivers. We understand that there may not be the available resource to cover all areas and times but believe even a periodic presence by police at selected locations would be beneficial.

At every school during rush hour there is great potential for casualty, as we see a large concentration of young pedestrians combined with and even greater concentration of time constrained, and perhaps impatient, road users. This constitutes a number of potential accident hotspots occurring a set times twice daily.

We would like to see a greater police presence near school at these times.


Submitted on behalf of Kelvindale Primary School Parent Council

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Minimise child road casualties.

by PaulDyer on March 21, 2016 at 04:24PM

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