Crime Rate Transparency

Whilst it is well publicised that the 'recorded' crime rate has fallen, it should be appreciated that we, as a Police Service, are not generating as much 'recorded' crime through proactive policing as we once were.

Why?  Because front line policing has changed in the past 5 to 10 yrs; there are less Traffic Police Officers patrolling; and disturbingly, there are misconceptions that the supply of Controlled Drugs are not a concern.  These are just two examples of self generated recorded crime.

Hence, numerous issues are not being proactively targeted.  Historically the Police Service has self-generated recorded crime through proactive, targeted and tactical policing. 

Stop utilising Police Officers to shore-up back-office roles which were either once undertaken by Police Staff or could be (at a much reduced cost) undertaken by Police Staff; and utilise the additional resources and cost savings to be a proactive, intelligence led policing service which doesn't sweep crime under the carpet and pretend it doesn't happen.  Because is does matter, it is happening, and it is damaging people's lives and our communities.

Put the right Police Officers in the right roles based on their knowledge, experience and what they can bring to a Unit/Department.

Ensuring Senior Officers are experienced in both Operational and Intelligence led Policing rather than one or the other.  Improve the structures within Police Scotland and policing will improve.

When analysing the recorded crime rate, examine how many calls for service were not responded to because of competing demands.  Tough choices are having to be made every single day.  Crime is not at an all time low, it is simply not being recorded or identified.

Operational Policing is being eroded and there are various factors as to why this is happening.


Why the contribution is important

Community Policing and visible Policing is fundamental to 'keeping people safe' rather than the all too often reacting to reported incidents.

Policing doesn't have to be complicated; but it should be smart and dynamic. 

There has to be a balance.  Unfortunately the scales of justice have dipped too far, with KPI's becoming the norm and far too many Police Officers chasing the next promotion; doing whatever they can to secure the perceived 'evidence' to bolster their applications at whatever cost. 

Police Scotland has generated a culture of promotion above and beyond anything else.  Basic Policing values are being eroded and as a consequence, respect is rapidly diminishing.

Senior Police Officers need to get back to 'grass root' policing, rather than being cocooned in a comfortable life which bears no resemblence to a high percentage of the Scottish population who live with daily crime in their communities; and thus fear leaving their homes, particularly after dark. Members of our community who fear becoming a victim or become involved in crime themselves.

Some Units/Departments are top heavy with 'rank' and as a result, empire building is damaging effective decision making, processes and procedures. 

I welcome the much needed review of Police Scotland.  Please restore the values and ethical behaviour which are now simply lacking.





by AmandaMilliken on December 23, 2015 at 10:51AM

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