Greater transparency on crime statistics

Easy online access to a database of crime statistics at ward level, broken down into different classifications including stop-and-search positives and negatives. A long history of monthly data should be available going back at least 10 years.

This service was successfully provided by Strathclyde Police before the national merger.


Why the contribution is important

Mature conversations about crime, fear of crime, and anti-social behaviour can only be held if the public is well informed about trends in crime statistics. Hype and hyperbole in the media is easily counteracted by reference to the facts. Discussions about the allocation of funding is best done in view of the distribution of crime in different areas.

by chriscarus on December 11, 2015 at 10:38PM

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  • Posted by Inclusion_Scotland February 03, 2016 at 15:22

    Disabled people who have other protected characteristics (e.g. LGBT disabled people) need hate crimes recorded by multiple aggravations if this is what they are reporting. The level of multiple aggravations per hate crime should then be recorded and published along with the other hate crime statistics for Scotland. It has been indicated in consultation with LGBT disabled people that they are more likely to experience abuse and harassment in public and that their intersectionality is often part of the reason for their being targeted (Equality Network and Inclusion Scotland). A very recent report published today also shows that disabled children and young people are 10 per cent more likely than the general population to report experiencing homophobic bullying ([…]/), with over 2/3 of them reporting experiencing this. It seems that it is very likely that there is a similar difference in the experiences of LGBT disabled people who are victims of hate crime. Yet if this is masked in the recording of hate crime statistics, it means there is less likelihood of preventative work being done with intersectional groups and Police Scotland.
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