Allow Police Scotland Senior Command in conjunction with the SPA the opportunity to set the overall Police Officer numbers nessecary to efectively police Scoltand, this would give  the flexability to give better balance  officers numbers and support staff and consequenlty or budget.

Set up an independent commission to identify why crime is falling and the fundimental and underlying reasons why crime is fall, so stratigies and policies can be adopted that truly influence our society.  It can't just be what we the police do.

Create a more locally accountable policing process and get away from one policy fits all.  There is a perception within the polcing community, as well as the general public that this is the case.  We need to demonstrate local accounatbility is the bedrock of Scotland, and the way the Police respond to our communities.

We have the opportunity to re build a Police service that truly serves the people of Scotland and move on from media headlines which do not truly refelct our service. 


Why the contribution is important

Because Scotland is important to the people who call it home.

by Policescotland on December 23, 2015 at 08:57AM

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  • Posted by tuppence January 18, 2016 at 08:35

    A better balance of beat police and station police is essential. Too many stations are part time and there is no visible presence on the street which increases the potential for crime and reduces significant confidence from the public in the policing going on in their areas
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