Policing and Mental Health

As a member of the public, I am increasingly worried by the pressure placed upon Police Scotland to deal with Mental Health problems that should be dealt with by the NHS/psychiatrist. I have witnessed first hand on a number of occassions, mentally ill people having no place to go other than a cell. The Police always deal with this situation very professionally but my concern is they are expected to be social workers/psychiatrists and generally this is not a good experience for someone who is mentally ill.

A cell is no place for someone mentally ill because our health service is failing.

I would like to see the Police be relieved of this work that shouldn't land on their feet by fostering more of a partnership relationship with services in which it is THEIR duty not the Police's to accomodate someone who is dealing with mental health problems if it is not safe for them to go home or they are homeless. We wouldn't put someone with a broken neck in a cell so why do we put someone with schizophrenia in one?

Why the contribution is important

I feel this is important because mental health difficulties are increasing, in order for the Police to do the job they need to do they are often caught up resolving issues that are better suited to a different professional.

Perhaps there needs to be a legislative change over procedure for mental health emergencies but either way we need to stop incarceration as a means of protection.

by Nikki_world on April 04, 2016 at 02:30PM

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