Since the implement ion of the Scottish Governments single force there has been a great deal of scepticism regarding its ability to serve our communities.  There needs to be a realisation that you cannot police every community the same.

1. POLICE NUMBERS - If the statement is true that Police Scotland is not politically controlled by the Scottish Government then Police Scotland should be able to manage police officer numbers and not the Scottish Government. The continual political point scoring over maintains 1000 extra officers is wearing thin and having a negative impact of policing. This number of police officers should be managed by Police Scotland. It does not matter if you have an extra 1000 or 200 officers on paper, it's what you do with them. 200 officer deployed in the correct roles will have a far bigger impact than 1000 who are not deployed correctly. This appears to be the current case due to the fact that thousand of highly trained support staff have been offered redundancy to assist meet budget requirements. The key issue is that there are no more police officer in former support staff post than there ever was. This can been seen  at  the Bilston Commucations Centre and various departments. So, instead of maintaining numbers as a paper exercise and part of a political campaign, when police officers retire, do not replace automatically, consider and redeploy from back office function and replenish the highly trained support staff to do this. The use of police officers in Support staff jobs is evident across Scotland. If Police Scotland is not Governememt run then why are they managing numbers.

2. COMMUNITY POLICING  - Whilst the Police Scotland policing plan purport to have a community focus, there needs to be a complete review of how this is delivered in the community. due to the wider geographical remit of many officer, there is now lacking the ownership and responsibility of building relationships. It is simple, when officers attend calls or incidents in their wider geographical remit there is no longer a desire or willingness to create a relationship as the likely hood is that they may never see those involved again duse to officers being deployed over vast so graphical areas. There needs to be a review of the community policing model and look to build positive relationships. The building of community relations is key to knowledge and Communit intelligence which assists a police service function within a community and be part of it. The require a complete review with a new focus in the community.


3. STRUCTURE - The concept that all areas in Scotland can be policed in the same way is a short sighted vision which has seen a drastic drop in moral and respect. This was seen from the start when Edinburgh was subjected to Glasgow policing measures and were not thought through. There is a vast difference in policing requirements across Scotland and this needs to be reflected from the top down.

4. WHERE NOW - Whether the Scottish Governenment has the strength to get this right remains to be seen. There requires to be a great deal of structural and geographical change to regain community confidence and create visibility to those they serve. The former command and control centres whic are now regarded by those who work in them as call centre need to regain the experience and knowledge to manage incident with limited ownership from beginning to end rather than incidents being divided into different responsibilities. Ownership from beginning to end creates a more professional response with gained knowledge and overview of an incident.


Police Scotland's policing strategy requires to be reviewed in a rational common sense manner with the key priorities focusing on Community Policing, Local Accountability in real terms and a rational sensible approach to police officer numbers with no political involvement out with budget setting.

Why the contribution is important

The current set up of Police Scotland does not reflect the needs of both the force and the community. The current Government policy on maintaining 1000 extra police officers is flawed given the current deployment of officer in support staff roles. This alone is significant in relation to how the flexibility of Police Scotland is achieved.

Whilst it is appreciated that there has to be a level of over sign in the Scottish Government, this has turned into interference from a political persepcective. The perceived independence from governments not clear.

by ic63 on December 07, 2015 at 11:09PM

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  • Posted by tuppence January 18, 2016 at 08:36

    There is a new Commissioner so it is time for new thinking - get out and about into the communities and ask people what they need and then do something about it.
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