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As part of a group supporting victims of road crases we have been concerned about the lack of road safety education for school children and the road worthiness of school buses.  We believe at primary school  there is only road safety session for children and none at secondary school - this is particularly worrying given that children starting secondary school may be walking  to and from school, chatting and using mobile phones etc - many not paying attention to their surrondings.

 Older children may be taking driving lessons and some even driving to school - there have been  families who have suffered the loss or serious injury of a child due to "racing" and taking lifts at lunch time. Other families have suffered a loss or serious injury of a child  alighting or coming off the school bus.

BRAKE already do road safety PowerPoint presentations aimed at children of varying age groups and some local councils have reps who will go out to schools - the catch appears to be they have to be invited by a headmaster to do so....  Educating children on road safety appears bottom of the curriculum  and yet these children are the drivers of tomorrow. We understand Fire/police service do a very good road safety presentation to S5 and S6 school pupils but again this is limited to Fife. this could be extended to all S5 and S6 pupils.

Educating school children of all ages on road safety should be a prioity as should the road worthiness of the school buses some of them travel on; past police checks at Blair Drummond Safari Park has highlighted this need. 

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Minimise child  road casualities and promote future safer drivers

by Alex on January 11, 2016 at 08:31PM

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