Carron Valley

An untouched but beautiful area of Central Scotland. Small enough to be easier developed but unmistakeable Scotland. Over the hills and bang you are in either Glasgow or Stirling. Simples. Great Mountain biking and walking routes that need developed, great fresh water fishing that needs developed. Just a fantastic opportunity on the doorstep of those in most need with little ability to jump in a car and travel 30 miles. Easy to set up a bus route to it from either Stirling, Glasgow, Cumbernauld. I love it. I always remember Mr Tom Hunter said he was going to put money in to develop a cycle and walking route from Carron Valley to the Falkirk Wheel. What an idea but nothing done. Thanks.

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A development like this would give great access to the masses without a need for long travel. I could say much more but basically those that can’t drive, don’t have a car and easy access. This makes sense for local community and the wider Central Scotland. Do It.

by jdemps on May 13, 2022 at 06:36PM

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  • Posted by Nickkempe May 16, 2022 at 10:03

    Carron Valley has all the potential you claim - and a lot for nature too - but in my view would be more suitable as a Regional Park, like the Pentlands or Clyde Muirshiel. The original intention was that Scotland should have a variety of publicly managed parks, country parks, regional parks and national parks but under austerity the Regional Parks have been cut and are struggling badly.
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