Glen Affric

Glen Affric National Park Proposal Glen Affric is recognised worldwide as probably the most beautiful Glen in Scotland, and is a destination visited by those not just wishing to see this beauty but also to experience the unique biodiversity and wilderness that has been here for decades. The proposal for National Park status could be different and not modelled along previously defined criteria that was developed decades ago that ‘large is best’ and ‘located on, or nearby major through routes’. This is an opportunity to apply National Park status that would mean something different. That could be centred around and develop what has already been achieved by others here, including agencies and outside organisations as well as those that live here. It is an opportunity to show a location that will be an exemplar centred on biodiversity, pristineness, strong historic heritable value and its communities.

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The possible future threat to this, and other locations, is increasing visitor numbers. Glen Affric and its surrounds is already a ‘honey pot’, that only has two road access routes. This is not a negative, and could be used as a strong positive through imaginative management and new thinking. By applying that which has been used elsewhere Internationally. If status were given, it would allow this new thinking to be employed to manage not just visitor numbers, but also prioritising pristineness, biodiversity, creating high value visitor experience, wellbeing, and generating further income for the National Park and its communities. National Park status is an opportunity for greater community involvement giving new collaborative solutions to resolve land use issues that have existed in many areas for decades. Glen Affric already has many unique qualities that National Park status would bring together and be a new model for the future.

by FA on June 06, 2022 at 08:01AM

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  • Posted by camusfearna June 06, 2022 at 10:43

    The challenge with designation as a national park is that it is not a panacea for addressing land ownership and land management issues, for example the two existing national parks own very little land (CNPA owns none). The regulation and grant-funding of woodland planting in Scotland, for example, is undertaken by Scottish Forestry (a Scottish Government agency), not the national parks; similarly, the Scottish Ministers' forest estate (found in both national parks and in many other areas) is managed on their behalf by Forestry and land Scotland (another Scottish Government agency). Designation as a national park could be counter-productive to all of the very positive points made absolve about why Glen Affric is a special place.
  • Posted by Bassett June 06, 2022 at 12:53

    Land use ownership is not mentioned at all in the initial post. It explores innovative thinking for an area that is already internationally highly regarded, and visited, irrespective of who has that ownership. I agree with FA that there is an opportunity here for such a stunning place to be a showcase in all the areas they mention and be protected for the 'People' to appreciate and enjoy.
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