Lomond Hills and Loch Leven (Fife and Kinrossshire)

The Lomond Hills (which already form part of Fife Regional Park) and Loch Leven could be combined to form Scotland's next national park. The area is already an important recreation area. The Lomond Hills are hugely popular with walkers, whilst Loch Leven offers fantastic cycling opportunities. There are also boating facilities and a popular curling club in the area. In terms of environmental significance, Loch Leven is home to a diverse ecosystem featuring plenty of native flora and fauna. It has been described by NatureScot as one of Scotland's top national assets. The Lomond Hills are also an important symbol of Scotland's volcanic past and have great opportunities for reforestation in the area. The area also comes with immense historical significance. Mary, Queen of Scots called Falkland Palace home - and was also imprisoned on St Serf's Inch. Loch Leven and the Lomond Hills have played an important part of local life - and would make a fantastic addition to the nation's natural heritage. Local schools often visit the local RSPB reserve and climb up Falkland Hill's volcanic surface. This is an immense national asset that deserves further promotion and protection.

Why the contribution is important

As mentioned above the area comes with great environmental importance. Migrating birds use the region as a stopover, and there are also some great examples of aquatic life, plants and insects. The Lomond Hills are an icon of Scotland's geological past - and have long been an important feature of the Forth skyline. It's also a great opportunity to develop the economies of the nearby towns and villages. Glenrothes is a post-industrial town experiencing some decline. A nearby national park could transform it into an important gateway. Likewise, Kinross would notice a significant boost to the local economy due to sitting next to an important environmental, historic and natural landmark.

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