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Mixture of Hills, Lochs and sea that are managed as much as possible by horses and not vehicles (town parks, green areas, harbours could be included in this). To encourage our own nature wildlife (red squirrels, pine martins, stoats etc) and reduce the number of non natives (such as grey squirrels, rhoddendrums etc ). To plant every green space (parks, road verges, towns etc) with wildflowers and edible plants and fruits etc to give a full corridor for all wildlife, insects and humans etc from North to South access. Plant trees that are native and have roots that go deep to help stablise hill areas and give marsh areas as we have a lot of areas that could do this. To give bridges and buildings plant live and areas for wildlife to live . To try and put wind turbines in areas where they don't hurt wildlife and put electric cables underground along road sides or paths with intermittent access (So little tunnels). Instead of burying rubbish waste create something that could be burned (or something else) but the fumes are recycled to give us heat energy or something along this area to help reduce chemicals into our atmosphere, our lands and our sea coasts. (Has another country done this?)

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As an amateur photographer / gardener to find native species and to enjoy the quiet, relaxation of spending time in nature waiting to see and hear everything and be able to see the stars . To be able to go into a park and not see where humans have damaged or pulverised the ground with machinery or barbecues or have biking, horses etc where they can disturb what you are trying to take a picture of. If they want to have this then these areas need to be broken down into specific areas just for them (so everyone has a bit of there own ). To do our bit for climate change to ensure we are giving as much greenery, insect habitats, sea life and bird life as much help and assistance as possible to re-establish, Hide wind turbines, create items we use or clothes we wear, clean everything we put into the sea by areas of accumulation of rubbish is removed, can we burn waste but use the fumes, carbon to create our own heating energy etc instead of poisoning the land. How can we reuse/recycle everything to make us more self sufficient to cut energy bills, rid of plastic, to reduce our footprint and stop poisoning our planet.

by LMurray on May 14, 2022 at 04:21PM

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  • Posted by JeremyHW May 19, 2022 at 21:26

    Nature within the human experience comes at differing levels ranging from flowers from the supermarket to the raw energy of a storm while out in the hills walking. It is this latter that concerns us here, but the opportunity to experience it, for all of us to experience it, is what national parks are all about. We may well have wilder areas in Scotland, but national parks are the points at which most of us can get to experience this safely and intimately. And this environment is the managed "wild" landscape that finds an appropriate and opportune level of interaction.
  • Posted by SueDalton May 21, 2022 at 12:00

    I would agree that educating the population to the importance of protecting nature should be one of the main aims of a national park. Included in that has to be an understanding of why some areas must be no go areas for humans to allow nature chance to recover from the widespread destruction our species has caused. The example I would give is I do not need to go and see Polar Bears( although it would be a wonderful life experience) I just need to know that they will survive on this planet long after I am gone.I fear that many still think nature is a nice to have rather than the source of all things the human race and other species need to survive.
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