The park should be an international exemplar in sustainable tourism and the management of protected areas.

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Eencourage a transformative change in the way people get to and move around the park. A priority should be enhancing the quality of visitor infrastructure to match the quality of environment. Work closely with partners to manage the impact of visitors and provide a high-quality experience. Improve path, cycle, and access networks to be the best in Scotland – and that all communities are linked by safe off-road or segregated on-road routes suitable for all users and all core paths are in good condition. There is a need to invest in maintaining and upgrading key off-road routes. The quality of the infrastructure is important - the park should be an exemplar and show best practice. Infrastructure should be appropriate to location - i.e. less formal and less intrusive the further from settlements.

by IMcC on May 25, 2022 at 03:32PM

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