Properly support regional parks

We already have Pentlands and Lomonds Regional Parks, which are delivering on many of the areas which Nps seek to do, However they simply dont have the support and funding to handle the issues which come with it, in the main visitor numbers. Living and working in these areas can b a miserable expeiecne in the summer due to lack of investment in paths, parking, toilet facilittiies along with appropruate staffing. A starting point would be to resource these 2 parks properly so they deliver for not only the visitors but also the people who live and work there. At the moment it is done on the cheap and it is to the detriment of all. Including those who have sadly lost their lives and been injured, particulalry in the Pentlands, due to sub standard paths and lack of engagement.

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There is little point in focussing funding and resource into new areas, when existing areas are chronically underfunded.

by SY on June 02, 2022 at 04:25PM

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  • Posted by camusfearna June 05, 2022 at 21:47

    I agree there is merit in ensuring adequate support is provided by local authorities to the established regional parks alongside any consideration about establishing a new national park.
  • Posted by Spike June 06, 2022 at 11:37

    not sure where the Local Authorities would find such funds - these need to be centrally funded.
  • Posted by CarolRitchieEUROPARC June 06, 2022 at 13:33

    I agree and would add that a Parks systems for Scotland , Paircs Scotland, bringing under its remit responsibility (not necessarily management which should be locally delegated) for all protected areas National Parks, Regional Parks, Country Parks, Biosphere Reserves, Geoparks, National Nature reserves, local nature reserves etc,,, should bring greater effectiveness, and efficiency, national standards, more cohesive approach, nation al vision, and better means of achieving the aspirations..of nature conservation a sustainable development that collectively parks can deliver for society. IN addition greater alignment with Scottish targets towards climate change mitigation, biodiversity loss, and rural development. Most countries in Europe have similar agencies, with many good example with which to adapt and learn from.
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