Fit Broadband - Free to Over 70s

Free NHS Broadband WIFI for every patient over 75 on 3 or more repeat prescription and/or housebound as part of care at home. For a digital health patient strategy to succeed it must also be under pinned by the "free at point of care" overarching principles of existing NHS Services. This to be known as the Fit Broadband Service.

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I challenge #eNMAP & #digitalhealth...they are leaving behind the #digitalpatient who is most in need of inclusion? Not the 7,000 sampled in a 2012 survey who 'would use on line apts', no, the thousands of elderly,housebound,disabled who can't afford monthly broadband. #GetRealAboutPatientTech Fund the connection in all the households with Over 70s on 3 or more repeat prescriptions. Get the technology enabled care to the people who need it the most...oh and by the way they ain't living in the middle of cities!

by LynneClark on November 20, 2017 at 11:28PM

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  • Posted by AJ November 28, 2017 at 14:20

    If you are going to be providing internet access to people in need, setting it for the over 75s is absolutely the wrong approach. There are very many people of that age who could quite well afford to pay for broadband and many many people younger than that, who are on a lower income and would struggle to pay for internet service. offering things on an age basis is really poor targetting.

    the box on the wall and the broadband subscription is not the only barrier to digital inclusion - the device used to access the internet needs to be paid for and maintained. and the person needs access to the support and education required to use it.

    rural broadband service also needs to be addressed.

    security needs to be taught as well. all of this means that paying for the elderly to have free broadband would not advance the cause of digital health equality on it's own.
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