How relevant is this 2017 Newchurch Report to NHS Scotland?

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Why the contribution is important

Reproducing the summary conclusions about England: 

If the current approach to productivity improvement and digital technologies remains in-place, there are three likely outcomes. First, the productivity aspirations ..... will not be achieved other than by ..... adopting the simple and brutal expedient of limiting NHS resources as demand rises, so forcing productivity improvements on the NHS. Second, in the longer term the NHS will continue to lag behind the economy as a whole on productivity growth and therefore require an ever increasing share both of GDP and of public spending, to the detriment of other areas of public spending which may have at least as great an impact on the public’s long term health and wellbeing. And third, the inevitable digital revolution in health and well-being will happen beyond the boundaries of the NHS, with potentially profound implications for its future role. Given the political context, in which the NHS operates, these three outcomes may however be acceptable to the NHS, to politicians and to the public. The preservation of the NHS largely as it is, even in long-term decline, maybe more tolerable, then the pain and disruption of technology-fuelled radical reform. 

by AndrewRuck on February 21, 2018 at 11:06AM

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