Keep it simple and provide more training

People who have the latest devices and use technology on a daily basis can assume that everyone is as tech-savvy/capable as they are.  If digital health is to be useful it must come with a basic principle of keeping things as simple as possible.

and a constant drive to greater education, to train and assist people at every stage so that they have the ability to grow and learn with the systems, not be shut out by them.

Why the contribution is important

I had some difficulty logging into this very site!  I'm not new to the internet, or to computers, but systems are different, requirements are not always obvious. We are not always at our best.  Technology must always be designed with the least qualified user in mind, the user with the most barriers to overcome.  Even if that might require a two-tier system to give great accessibility.

by AJ on November 28, 2017 at 02:58PM

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