Security and Privacy

If we are to move towards a world where all our health information is all held and accessed digitally, we need this to be a world we can trust - that holds the same certainty of confidentiality as the face-to-face with our doctor.

Why the contribution is important

Digital in government schemes and depts of every sort has been plagued with errors and bad design and security breaches.  We need to be sure that our data is held securely, accessed only by those with the right permissions, shared only with our permission. and most importantly, not available to any commercial company for their own purposes.

Of course the mass of data around health could be incredibly useful for research, but that should not be assumed. not be lightly granted. and certainly not to be sold.

The sort of in home devices, such as the Amazon Echo, they may have a useful purpose in the future of Social Care, but as long as their software, data and access are held by a private corporation, whose primary purpose is profit, this represents a massive risk to the public that needs to be addressed.

I would like to see digital health systems separated entirely from the commerical realm, protected as far as is humanly possible from security breaches of course.  But just separate, walled off from the commercial so that holding data on your medication is not in the same system as your grocery order, so accidents are less likely and those will ill intent have less opportunity.

Digital could be great. It could also be terrible. We should not assume in either direction, we should know.

by AJ on November 28, 2017 at 02:53PM

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