Use of mHealth technology to improve the quality and cost effectiveness of outpatient treatment

An innovative digital health technology which could potentially reduce the demand on clinicians in outpatient clinics and provide benefits in terms of quality of service provision, patient empowerment and cost is currently under evaluation.

​An EU funded programme EmERGE ( [GA No. 643736] has co-developed a platform that can link securely into the health records of a patient. Services can then send encrypted data and clinical opinion confidentially to an app on the patient's smart device anywhere on Earth that has mobile data access.

Within the EmERGE project patients living with stable HIV are seen once a year rather than the usual twice yearly with interim results checked by a clinician and pushed through to their mobile phone alongside other information, thereby saving a clinic visit.

​A validation study is currently underway to assess the impact of the EmERGE mHealth platform on patient self-management and empowerment in those living with stable HIV infection.  This is being assessed at five clinical sites throughout Europe (Antwerp, Barcelona, Brighton, Lisbon and Zagreb) with 1000 patients already using the app.

​Integral to the design of the app and mHealth platform is community engagement, both patient groups and clinicians, in a co-design process with feedback being utilized into the ongoing development of the system.

​For additional information please contact Dr Jerry Wyatt at the EmERGE Project Management Office (Email:







Why the contribution is important

By using this innovative digital health approach of combining cutting edge technology with co-design there is the potential to radically change the way outpatient clinics operate which may provide benefits in terms of quality of service provision, patient empowerment and costs.

​The technology is applicable to a broad range of chronic conditions which require regular routine monitoring by an outpatient visit to a clinician.


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