1140 hours

Scottish Government need to announce either a council collective total postponement of the roll out of 1140 hours or a 💯 roll out.
This camber of one council doing X & another doing Y & some doing a bit of both falls short of any form of fairness or statements in Realising the Ambition for our children & families.
In addition to this, we press on the government in the name of fiscal transparency, parental empowerment & given that the level of hourly funding falls well short of the cost of the delivery - that PVI settings act as a conduit of the eligible funding to be given directly to parents & extrapolate them from fees.
Our experiences of having the eligible funding woven into our fees has proved troublesome to say the least with irksome & unreasonable Machiavellian type pressures on us by some rogue councils.
This money is for the child & it should follow the child & we as settings should be free to charge a fair fee for what it costs us to run our settings & give this money in its entirety back to families.

Why the contribution is important

As statement indicates.

The historic & continued underfunding of EY sector.
Funds do not equal cost of delivery.
The unreasonable Machiavellian powers some
Councils adopts.
Parental empowerment.
Transparency in public funds.
Lack of a uniformed interpretation & execution of SG policy that is rolled out in 32 different ways across Scotland.
Misuse & unfair allocation of eligible funds I’m regions.

by MairiMac3 on May 06, 2020 at 03:20PM

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