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As a balliff on the White Cart river I have seen groups of people congratating on the river banks having picnics and young poeple meeting to socialise. This is not social distancing.
However, anglers can visit fishing venues where in the nature of the sport social distanceing is automatic, especially on rivers.
As for designated fisheries, good management can ensure this by putting some simple rules in place for example: only allowing designated numbers on the water at any one time controlled through bookings.

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It is important as many anglers are from the retired age groups and this is one of the few activities that this group participate in.
I also know of an autistic boy who, through the restrictions of lock down can not attend his usual theropies and this is his only escape.
There are other people in the community that maybe in similar positions and require activities like angling for their mental health.

by Rider14001 on May 06, 2020 at 05:21PM

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