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I have 2 nieces in private education and 1 nephew in state education. The contrast in approach to schooling from home is stark. Suffice to say the private schools have pivoted and are providing lessons on line and a pretty normal education continues. My nephew is in 2nd year of secondary school and the response of his school has been appalling. No work set until 2 nd week back after the school holidays. The work that is now being set is patchy and some subjects seem better than others. I understand it may be difficult to move to online teaching but what exactly are teachers doing. Some of the work being set is frankly embarrassing - a science wordsearch and other stuff quickly downloaded from the internet. The carer has asked for the curriculum to teach the remainder of the term herself. this has not been supplied. I am dealing with stressed parents in my team at work. Who are spending half the day teaching and then having to catch up with their work in evenings / weekends. What really is very annoying is the self congratulatory emails being sent by the head teacher praising the response of his staff. What response? I know these are unprecedented times but it shows that teachers are not responding as a profession and they need to step up and help a generation of children whose education is suffering due a lack of leadership and initiative. I have found lots of sources through newspapers / internet that are far more inspiring and educational than the material being provided.

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Independent review as matter of urgency of state school response including review of quality of materials being sent to pupils. Schools should provide a plan and allow parents to support their kids at a flexible pace rather than fitting in with artificial teacher led times ( none of the homework seems to be getting makewked so does it matter if done now or over the next month ?) Alternatively, furlough teachers and redeploy to other public services and order children to sit in front of BBC Bitesize for 5 hours. The BBC has responded - the Scottish educational system has not!

by KMCgilmore on May 05, 2020 at 01:47PM

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  • Posted by sy278 May 05, 2020 at 14:18

    Disagree with this, my daughter is getting similar work as to what she would have gotten in school. Including video files from the teacher showing them how to do things and full worksheets. We do need to allow the use of video chat/conferencing and whiteboard functionality with that.
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