Assistance for home based employment for shielding group

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As a working age person who is shielding, I would appreciate some government support put in place re employment opportunities from home. Many peoples employment status has been affected by this pandemic, however the shielding group and those self isolating to support them in the same household, won't be in a position to apply for jobs in a normal way, for it seems a considerable time. Shielding is hard enough without the added boredom, feeling of being useless and the expectation to run a house on statutory sick pay for an indefinite period while feeling that you have been left behind by the rest of society as they leave lockdown, most people in the shielding group were working up until this kicked off.

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To support shielding group to get a bit of control back to their lives

by shieldingcarol20 on May 06, 2020 at 08:00PM

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