Business Liability - Lives before Profit

I fully acknowledge the need for workplaces to reopen in due course, however, it is terrifying that the economy is taking precedent over lives.

Business owners, CEO's etc will be able to work from the safety of home.

As always, the most vulnerable and poorest in our society will be expected back at work (if they aren't already).

Lives over profit.

If a business cannot be held liable for the safety for employees - do not ask the employees to risk their lives!

I can work from home. I am speaking for those, like my parents, who cannot. They are high risk yet will be expected to put their lives on the line for just above minimum wage.

"All in this together?". I think not.

Universal basic income also required.

Why the contribution is important

You cannot put a price on a life.

by dundeeblondie89 on May 06, 2020 at 06:39PM

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