Consideration of main stream SEND pupils

It's vital that consideration be given r.e school returns and children with additional support needs who are in main stream schooling. My son has autism and ADHD and has been home since a couple of weeks before official lockdown due to me being on low dose chemo. His hand hygiene and ability to socially distance is an issue during normal times. So it will be a serious issue during the current situation. There simply is not a high enough ratio of pupil support for them to insure social distancing and hand hygiene is good enough. So it's critical that thought be given to this. Going forward, due to my own health issues, I have struggled to home school my son at all. And I am sure I am not the only parent who has these issues. We need some sort of structure in place for those kids who may need to remain home schooled until vaccine or cure roll out due to either the children or their family being particularly vulnerable to picking up this virus and becoming seriously ill with it. As an experienced distance learner myself I know this can be implemented easily. With a formal time table for pupils to log on for tutoring. As I say I doubt I am the only parent who struggles with this. So think this may be an important point for consideration.

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Mainstream schooled SEND children seem to fall through the cracks when it comes to education at the best of times. They have completely fallen off the radar during the COVID situation. This must change.

by Lynz60 on May 05, 2020 at 05:35PM

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  • Posted by MrsBoggs May 05, 2020 at 22:26

    Not alone. I've been worried about my own SEN son, as there seems to be an expectation that SEND children remain in school during lock down. His primary reason to go to school is to get used to it. It's been the cause of a tremendous amount of stress in him, and I can hardly envision how he can be expected to settle in the school environment when it is so strange. What do the teachers do when he needs restraining? He has been learning at school, though, however slowly. It is very difficult to engage him in learning, whether at school or at home unless one on one support is given. I'll need carers for the other children, a cook and a cleaner to manage it!
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