Different approach to education

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Please consider more innovative ways to continue to educate and motivate our children. As a mother of a children commencing S5 and S1 after the summer I am very concerned about the impact school closures is having on their education. I appreciate access to school buildings is difficult in terms of social distancing and children are not best pleased at being separated from their friends and classmates. Nevertheless, they will adapt but their education is suffering from minimal school contact, limited work being issued with no feedback and no active teaching. Private schools in the country are actively engaging with pupils daily and teaching lessons. Those children in public authority schools are being hugely disadvantaged and frankly their education is not being taken seriously. Given the possibility of a second is the government considering options for disruption to exams in 2021?

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Every child deserves a chance and without planning ahead now generations of school children will suffer.

by SMcMillan116 on May 06, 2020 at 08:33PM

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