Guidelines needed for citizens for ”standing up”

Recent reports indicate racist abuse against Chinese ... (see: What would be useful would be a list of proposed wordings that citizens could employ to stand up and step in, when reasonable to do so. (The list could be crafted by specialists such as Liz Stokoe - see There are other specialists in Scotland too - see the amazing Steve Reicher at St Andrews (or myself perhaps).

Why the contribution is important

When people have stock phrases to use in challenging social situations it can make it easier for them to be a Good Samaritan as it were - by interjecting and helping behaviour overall. It is a way of promoting harmonious relations when people may be feeling on edge. We all have a vital role to play in promoting good behaviour at this time. we are fortunate in having such a strong political leader in Nicola Sturgeon, which surely must be acknowledged no matter what political party one supports. (I am a Chartered Psychologist - practitioner and also independent scholar. Nominated for President of British Psychological Society 2019-2020) @reneebleau

by reneebleau on May 08, 2020 at 09:48AM

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