human rights for vulnerable groups and planning for further "waves" of SARS-CoV-2

(continue to) work with the most marginalised groups in society to plan for any future waves of SARS-CoV-2 ensuring that the Scottish Government will look at their plans through a human rights lens and take full account of the needs of those vulnerable people (not just the need for them to isolate/shield). If a plan is designed to work for/meet the needs of the most vulnerable in society, then it will work for everyone; if a plan is designed to work for/meet the needs of the majority, then it will exclude the needs of the most vulnerable

Why the contribution is important

It is essential to listen to advocacy providers and groups; listen to family carers...listen to those who have found lockdown unbearable because of the chronic suicidal thoughts they experience, thoughts usually managed and mitigated through meaningful work, the discipline of workplace environments and the contact with co-workers and colleagues...listen to those who rely on wheelchairs, carers, the company they find in attending day services, listen to the people who live alone and who found themselves isolated and depressed. These are people who felt left behind in lockdown. Many financially disadvantaged people cannot afford to have internet at home...their children are disadvantaged by not being able to do school work (Jacinda Ardern gave every school age child the technology required to engage with the curriculum during lockdown)...not everyone can cope with multiple participants in Zoom meetings, so accessibility for those who can't has to be guaranteed (under the Public Sector Equality Duty if appropriate). Do not let the newly embraced technologies be an excuse to put the rights of people who cannot engage that way aside. This is an opportunity to review not just how we deal with future pandemics as a society...but how we build our society to be more genuinely inclusive and participatory for all

by PARodger on May 11, 2020 at 07:37PM

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