I think there should be more police checkpoints to ensure people are keeping to lockdown rules. On the spot fines for large social gatherings. I think a clearly laid out plan like they have set out in Ireland helps people to stay focused. Mental health support needs to be looked at. Schools should look at returning senior pupils first but in a staged return. Perhaps change school times and holidays to help with social distancing. Cancel all overseas school trips for 2020 and ensure families are not penalised. Young children should be last to return to school. Use of childminders should be encouraged as smaller settings and childminders should be rewarded accordingly. Childminders should be paid directly by Scottish Government or SCMA as local authorities are reluctant to release funds especially Highland Council. Scrap Universal Credit and replace with a fairer system. Pay childcare fees direct to provider and rent direct to landlord so recipient can manage their funds. Make it affordable for people to return to work. Provide support for carers who are not entitled to carers allowance.

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Because mental health and financial security are interlinked. People are struggling mentally and financially and need support to get through this. The importance of childminders has never been recognised but right now they are on the front line providing support that parents want rather than using faceless hubs.

by EThom on May 10, 2020 at 06:37PM

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  • Posted by Kylesku May 10, 2020 at 20:33

    THe police would be better spent focusing on care homes & making sure they have proper proceduers in place & that the staff are following them. They should also be doing the same at supermarkets. This woulds be much more effective in reducing transmission & deaths than harrassing innocent people. The resources we have should be focused on where they will give the biggest benefit not on stopping everyone from doing everythgin everywhere.
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