I think regardless of how we open up lockdown there should be strict monitoring of any guidelines in place. We currently allow supermarkets open yet no one is monitoring how well they adhere to guidelines on social distancing. Things have got extremely lax the longer we have been in lockdown and theres no one policing that. Shops are expecting staff who normally deal with stocking shelves and checking out messages. These staff are not trained in dealing with the public and ensuring they are following social distancing and yet are expected to do so, putting their own lives at risk. Supermarkets should be hiring proper security guards to do this for them and it should be monitored. Companies should also be made to provide ppe equipment to staff, so called key workers, who are currently expected to work with the public with nothing to protect them from the virus.

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Theres no point opening up if guidelines aren't followed. Key workers are already in danger because guidelines are not followed by companies putting profit before people. We're happy to applaud them and call them heroes but care nothing about their safety. If we open up and guidelines aren't followed, we're back at square one.

by Arinherself on May 06, 2020 at 01:49PM

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