Open playparks for children that live in flats

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Children especially those that live in flats to be allowed to play at play parks, and be allowed put for more than an hour. Also those children with additional needs should be allowed to play at parks that are part of their normal routine for more than an hour.

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Those who have no garden, often those with a lower income, are discriminated against as those children do not get the outside play opportunities of families with a garden/outside space. It is setting up for long term physical and mental health problems for these children to be not allowed out more to play. Compounded with this is the situation of children with additional needs who are used to playing at a park as part of their routine and find it hard to understand why they are not allowed to and get very distressed when they are not allowed on the play equipment or have to go home because the hour is up. This being their only play time outsidexsie to being in a flat. My son with additional needs screamed all the way home when we had to leave the park. As a result it is difficult to even take a walk because they don't understand the rules. If social Distancing and use of hand sanitiser use before and after is encouraged then this should have very little impact on the R number.

by makwhyte on May 06, 2020 at 01:03PM

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