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Given that Scottish children begin formal learning earlier than many other nations and given that after the long summer holidays some revision of learning is required, I suggest that serious consideration is given to the decision by our Government to repeating this current school year for all pupils. The exception would be in allowing those over 16 who chose to leave. Those due to start P 1 would be given an additional year in Nursery, P7s who have missed a term which includes transition arrangements and all of their end of year celebrations would benefit. S 4 and S5,6 students who have missed their planned exams would have time for preparation for these. Much of this is being done by motivated students but many without home support or appropriate I.T. will be very unprepared. S3 pupils will find the time for covering course work for Nat 5s too short There will be cost implication re additional pre 5 and the loss of income for Universities and Colleges without the new students. These will need addressed

Why the contribution is important

Our Government has pledged to narrow the attainment gap and were progressing with this. The lack of school attendance due to Covid 19 will result in a widening of this gap. Those pupils in lockdown in homes where learning and studying are challenging for various reasons will be falling behind. By repeating the school year which had to be abandoned, there is the real opportunity for our Government to reduce the attainment gap and create a more equal playing field. The benefits of Pre 5 education are huge. By delaying entry to P1, young children can benefit further from play based learning ( as in Finland) and move into P1 with additional preparation. The delay of P1 entry which will allow those already within the formal system to " pick up " where they "left off". This would lead to a permanent change. Our young pupils would enter school by the age of 6 in line with many other countries. The oldest would leave at 18, also in line with many other countries. We would be ensuring that those presently in the system do not lose out due to Covid 19.

by Doreeninnes on May 10, 2020 at 08:09AM

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