Shared parental support

Whilst fully acknowledging my fortunate position to be eligible to receive a high proportion of my salary through the furlough scheme, I do think the current setup is exacerbating the already evident gender gap in society. With two young children, and both parents working, the current system forces one parent to give up work for childcare. This more than likely results in the female giving up employment to take the primary childcare role, an inevitable consequence of already having had time off for maternity leave. I believe addressing this issue, by allowing a sharing of responsibility between parents, with funding provided to the household rather than an individual, would make the ongoing lack of nursery places easier for a large proportion of the female workforce in what may be a long term situation.

Why the contribution is important

Removing unfairness in any system, and ensuring policies promote gender equality (among other discriminatory factors), makes the whole situation more palatable, which in turn leads to greater support and greater compliance with longer term measures.

by Kerry82 on May 05, 2020 at 08:32PM

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