Testing and Vaccinations for Non Car Owners

When providing covid services please don’t initially focus on “drive through” only for testing or vaccinations (when available), otherwise you will impact those of us who don’t have cars and rely on using public transport (and who are therefore more at risk or getting / passing on the virus). If, post covid-19 the government wants the public to take global warming seriously its policies need to be consistent and consider non car owners proportionally with car owners. Consider increasing the number of sites for testing (and eventually vaccination), perhaps combining drive through and walk in on the same site to maximize use of staff and tests / vaccines – i.e. be able to adapt to daily demand – and reduce travelling required. Consider using empty office blocks with car parks (e.g. at the Gyle) with multiple access points for drive through and a mobile walk in unit (or use office space).

Why the contribution is important

Risks discrimination against non car owners. Undermined government policies on climate change / global warming through inconsistency.

by JCGillespie on May 06, 2020 at 09:26PM

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